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November – Veteran’s Week (November 5th-11th) and Remembrance day, Friday November 11th.

This Month we take time to reflect and remember the sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces, current and past, and Armed Forces around the world.


All of our products are made on-site, by hand, and all natural. We believe that other similar products on the market that may be a cheaper price, are made in a factory by machines and use chemicals for extended shelf life and used as a cheaper option to plant based starting products.


We offer medical cannabis processing for patients requiring products made from their medical cannabis, which gives options to just smoking or vaporizing the dried flower, from topicals to edibles we can do it at the level that the patient requires for quality of life. We also conduct medical cannabis consultations and have access to doctors that can write medical cannabis prescriptions and assist with medical cannabis grow licensing through Health Canada.

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